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Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'm Back - Let me share what I've been doing

I know I haven’t been blogging much for the past six months, but I have been very busy working on improving the therapeutic experience for my clients.  For starters, I’ve moved my office.  The old building just wasn’t as relaxing and as inviting for my clients as I had hoped.   Our new office (I share this office with other therapists) has a much more ‘homey’ feel – providing a more relaxing experience.  This helps clients entering our office more easily relax, open up, and talk about their feelings.   The space feels friendly, open, and inviting to clients.  

I am most proud of the therapy/healing garden we have created in a space behind our office.  Creating this new therapy garden has been both fun and exciting.  I find that this garden is relaxing for both adults and for children.  For children they can express/release their  feelings through many different outlets, such as painting, moon sand, a some themed play gardens.  One garden involves dinosaurs, and encourages children to “roar your feelings”.  The second garden encourages children to believe in their dreams.   For adults there is a calming area with a water fountain that one can relax too.   Some of the children also like to help take care of the garden by watering, which gives them a feeling of responsibility.  

This summer I also went through Therapy Dog training with my Goldendoodle Tasha.  We are still completing our supervised visits, but I do plan to complete these visits as soon as possible.  Tasha is a very friendly dog with a gentle demeanor.   She is a very relaxing dog – I find she helps some of my clients (adults, couples, and children) be able to let go of some of their stress when they pet Tasha.   I had Tasha go through this training to make sure that he had the right disposition to be a therapy dog – and she’s proving to enjoy the visits!

I invite you to come visit my new office, and see our new therapy / healing garden.  Please call first, however, as I have been very busy over the summer.  And – now that summer is over, I hope to have more time to blog periodically.  If you have any requests, or subjects you’d like to learn more about, please let me know.