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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Social Skills in ADHD Children

How are poor Social Skills displayed by ADHD children?
If you were to observe your child interacting with his peers, you might see several inappropriate social behaviors.  He or she might not look at his peers while he or she talks to them.  His dialogues will not promote a conversation, but rather a monologue on his topic of choice.  If he/she begins to lose a game, the rules of the game will change.

Parents might ask how their child's impulsivity affect their social skills?
The very nature of being impulsive means the inability to consistently think before acting.  In social situations, children with ADHD fail to think before they say or do something.  To get along well with others we all need to use a mental filter.  That prompts us to think ahead of time before we say or do something.

Can ADHD be a Strength?
When parents and children change their perspective, some of the symptoms of ADHD can become assets instead of symptoms to be eliminated.  ADHD children often have a unique way of perceiving things.  Today's business model of "thinking outside the box" is made for the ADHD person.  Turning a symptom into a strength can change the way you respond to your child - and when you change the way you respond to your child, your child will find increased happiness and improved self-esteem.

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